Whew!! What a Week: Weekly Round-up.

We’re not sure if there is much more to say than, what a week!  A live interview with Cyrus Webb, the book launched, a book giveaway happening over at Modern Mormon Men (there’s still time!) signing books down at BYU Education Week at the bookstore, having our books officially arrive at Deseret Book and the filming of our trailer happening out in Phoenix.  We are also very appreciative of all the ongoing support we have received.  Thank you a million times over.

A few highlights from our first book signing:

We had a woman who told us we were the answer to her prayers.  Intimacy in her marriage has been a struggle for over 20 years yet she is determined to continue to work at it.  She is hopeful this book will give her the tools to be able to make positive changes in her marriage.

A mother bought our book and had us dedicated it to all of her adult married children who are also have struggles with their intimacy.  She was excited to be able to have them share this book and improve their relationships.

Another mother bought our book to give to her daughter who is getting married this October and wants to arm her with as much information and skills as possible before she gets married.  She was excited to hear there was a chapter just dedicated to “first encounters” and how to “create the conversation.”

Two different husbands both in their 50’s bought this book to read with their wives.

It was great to see so many ways our book was being used to help relationships all over.  If you’ve read the book or parts of the book or have bought it as a gift, we would love to hear from you and see how it has helped you or how you hope it will help someone else.  If you’ve REALLY loved it, we’d love to have you write a review over at Amazon.com to 

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