Reader Question: Pregnant and Painfully Blue

“I’m recently married and my wife is pregnant. We are both very excited for this opportunity, but it has had some adverse affects in our sex life. I have something of an overactive libido that causes me to have long erections at times and it becomes very painful if I don’t masturbate or have sex. […]

Reader Question: 29-Year-Old Virgin

Hi, I am currently a 29 year old man and I am still a virgin. I am not religious at all and I have had a few opportunities in my life to have sex but every time I declined it for different reasons. My question is, because I have never had sex before, when I […]

Reader Question: Are there physical risks with oral sex?

I want to say thank you so much for releasing the controversial chapter material and making it available to the public. I think too many people in the LDS culture are unwilling to talk about the topics presented in this chapter and make meaningful discussion about it. You mentioned in the section about oral sex […]

Kristin and Alisha on the Matt Townsend Show Talking About “Real Intimacy”

Matt has invited Kristin and Alisha to his Sirius XM radio show tomorrow.  They will talk to you about improving your relationship and how to have healthy, lasting intimacy.  Matt wrote the forward for their book, Real Intimacy: A Couple’s Guide to Healthy, Genuine Sexuality. About Matt: For over 18 years, Matt Townsend has been […]

Listen as Kristin and Alisha Talk Intimacy on the x96 Radio From Hell Morning Show

Kristin and Alisha were asked to step in to the “Painful Circle” to talk about all things intimate.  Joining Kerri, Bill and Gina, “the sex girls” took live calls from listeners giving advice about their relationship woes.  To listen to the conversation, click here.

New Review Over at the Returned Missionary Training Center Blog

A BIG thank you to the Returned Missionary Training Center for taking the time to review our book.  Even with this website being focused on helping returned missionaries settle back in to everyday life, they noted the value for RM’s to get a copy of this book: “As you begin dating and moving towards marriage […]

Getting Back That Loving Feeling – Email From a Reader

Dear RIB – How do I maintain the same level of intimacy that my husband and I had five years ago when we first got married?  Sincerely, Annonymous Dear Anonymous,      Whenever couples ask this question the first thing I do is have them consider their definition of intimacy and how it changes not […]

Intimacy is NOT Just Sex and Other Good News

Intimacy is NOT Just Sex and Other Good News By Kristin B. Hodson, LCSW Last Friday we had a round-table discussion with the great people of The Cultural Hall podcast. Naturally the question came up about sex and intimacy; what the difference was and was it possible to have sex without intimacy and intimacy without […]

50 Shades of…huh?

So as a co-author of a sex and intimacy book I decided I needed to see what 50 Shades of Grey was all about — and since I was in Las Vegas at the time I decided there was never going to be a more appropriate venue for such a book. There’s a huge stack […]