Dating Divas Workshop Special and Presentation Notes

We are offering a *SPECIAL PROMOTION* for participants of The Dating Divas 3rd annual Successful Marriages teleretreat for our upcoming intimacy workshop for women: On the edge of the bed – A tastefully SEXY workshop for women.  It will be at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City, Utah May 18th, 2013 from 9-4. Our workshop will […]

Hello. I Think I Love You.

This FREE download was featured on KUTV 2 news as Kristin and Alisha talked about ways to “think outside the box of chocolates for Valentines day.”  It is a template to create a love letter for yourself to start challenge self-talk with positive self-talk.  While this may have been originally for Valentines day, creating self-love […]

Have a First Conversation BEFORE a First Encounter

Kristin and I had a fabulous time at a recent bridal show.  We met a lot of wonderful people excited about the prospect of marriage.  They were there to dream about dresses, flowers, cakes and parties — and then they saw our booth.  They saw our big sign asking them to define “intimacy” and then […]

“I just want to have a mature conversation about sex.”

Do you ever feel like this?  This week is all about creating the conversation surrounding sex and intimacy.  This clip illustrates so perfectly what most couples struggle with: wanting to have a mature conversation about sex but end up hitting roadblocks and pitfalls along the way. [tubepress video=”xXcuvs4fW9c”]   Stay tuned for our Wednesday post […]

This is the week for Real Intimacy!

This week we are — finally — celebrating the release of the book!  It was almost exactly one year ago that the three of us met at a fabulous little juice bar to brainstorm ideas for the book.  It hardly took any time  because we had talked for years about the struggles many couples and […]