Letter from a reader: A thank you note about your controversial chapter

Dear Authors, Thank you so much for this book and the “Controversial Chapter”.  As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints I have often wondered about these different subjects covered in the Controversial Chapter and am pleased to have found the answers and I will agree the discussion of the topic’s were done tactfully without beating […]

“I don’t have a clue how to gain spiritual intimacy…”

One reader recently submitted this question:  “Ok, I get the physical, emotional and mental intimacies, but don’t really have a clue how to go about gaining spiritual intimacy with my spouse.  Any suggestions?” Let me just say from the very beginning that this reader is not alone.  This aspect of the Intimacy Pyramid (from ch. […]

God wants to be close to us

“God wants us to live like He lives — not become robotic in nature and stuck in ruts that torment and try us.  An example of this is noticing how intimate He is with us in nature.  Think about when you have walked on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes, listening to the […]

Improving Our Intimacy with God

Disclaimer:  This blog post is a little personal.  I hope you’ll forgive me, but that fact is, God is personal. When I was 21 I was sent to a foreign country where I could barely speak the language, did not understand the culture, and was placed far away from any other English-speakers.  For two weeks […]