Your brain is the largest sex organ in your body (or in other words, can we stop with the size enhancing ads now?)

You may or may not know that we (Kristin and Alisha) have been making regular appearances on a Salt Lake City, Utah radio show and have affectionately been dubbed as “The Sex Girls” as we take calls and talk to people struggling with or curious about a variety of sex and intimacy issues.  Often we […]

*PoP* Quiz Answer Reveal

Hopefully you had a chance to take our *PoP* quiz we posted monday.  If you haven’t and would like to, click here 1:  Where is the Glans located?  This is the head of the penis where there are many nerve endings that are very sensitive. 2:  Can you use “frenulum” in a sentence?  Why would we want […]

Sex Ed 101: *POP QUIZ*

Welcome to the Sex Ed 101 POP QUIZ.  Some may say ignorance is bliss but when it comes to understanding the basics of yours and your spouses sexual anatomy that is not the case.  Real Intimacy doesn’t go in to great depth with this chapter but gives enough information that you understand the basics but […]

Yep, that’s your vulva!

A friend (this story is used with permission) related this humorous, yet all too common story: She had just opened the diaper of her 18 month-old daughter when, with a great big smile on her face, her daughter reached down and started touching, pulling at, and lightly slapping her little vulva.  My friend realized she […]