March Into Marriage: 5 Ways to Take Action in Your Marriage

March is a great month.  Not only because it’s the beginning of spring, renewal and more sunshine, but it is the only month that is also a verb.  Even though March is coming to a close, it’s a great time to renew your relationship and march forward with ways to improve it.  That may be […]

Dating Divas TeleRetreat: Your Body, Your Story

The third annual Dating Divas tele-retreat is happening this weekend and we are presenting on how body image impacts your intimate relationship.  Your body is the one thing that goes with us everywhere.  It’s as the saying goes, “wherever you go, there you are.” YOUR story of how you perceive your body affects your relationship, […]

Infidelity and Women – Women are Catching Up

Kristin was interviewed by Lois M. Collins, a reporter for the Deseret News regarding the topic of infidelity and women.  Her research has shown that women are catching up to the men and she wanted some additional insights on this topic.  Read the article here.  Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Watch for more articles talking […]

How to Keep Things Politically Correct if You and Your Spouse are Politically Divided

If you missed Kristin and Alisha’s segment this morning on KUTV 2 news on keeping the peace at home if you and your spouse differ on politics, we’ve posted their tips here and will post their clip soon! How to Keep Things Politically Correct if You and Your Spouse are Politically Divided We know that […]

Overcoming Holiday Stress – Real Intimacy Authors on KUTV 2 New

Kristin, Alisha and Thom join KUTV morning news anchors Amy and Lindsay to talk about overcoming holiday stress.  Here is the link

Kristin and Alisha on the Matt Townsend Show Talking About “Real Intimacy”

Matt has invited Kristin and Alisha to his Sirius XM radio show tomorrow.  They will talk to you about improving your relationship and how to have healthy, lasting intimacy.  Matt wrote the forward for their book, Real Intimacy: A Couple’s Guide to Healthy, Genuine Sexuality. About Matt: For over 18 years, Matt Townsend has been […]

Listen as Kristin and Alisha Talk Intimacy on the x96 Radio From Hell Morning Show

Kristin and Alisha were asked to step in to the “Painful Circle” to talk about all things intimate.  Joining Kerri, Bill and Gina, “the sex girls” took live calls from listeners giving advice about their relationship woes.  To listen to the conversation, click here.

Staying Connected: Love Your Phone AND Your Spouse

Navigating intimacy in a world where we are always connected can be tricky.  And sometimes the trick is to disconnect to connect.  We were featured over at for our article on staying connected in the 21st century.  To get tips on staying connected to your love one and creating real intimacy, read our article […]

Count Down to Launch Party and Book Trailer Premier!

We are officially 4 days away from our launch party and the premier of our book trailer.  I have to say, our team put together something so professional and FABULOUS and I think you will agree.  Meet one of our video couples – Steve and Amelia Dish on Real Intimacy

Whew!! What a Week: Weekly Round-up.

We’re not sure if there is much more to say than, what a week!  A live interview with Cyrus Webb, the book launched, a book giveaway happening over at Modern Mormon Men (there’s still time!) signing books down at BYU Education Week at the bookstore, having our books officially arrive at Deseret Book and the […]