How to Keep Things Politically Correct if You and Your Spouse are Politically Divided

If you missed Kristin and Alisha’s segment this morning on KUTV 2 news on keeping the peace at home if you and your spouse differ on politics, we’ve posted their tips here and will post their clip soon! How to Keep Things Politically Correct if You and Your Spouse are Politically Divided We know that […]

Overcoming Holiday Stress – Real Intimacy Authors on KUTV 2 New

Kristin, Alisha and Thom join KUTV morning news anchors Amy and Lindsay to talk about overcoming holiday stress.  Here is the link

5 Ways to Talk About the “I” Word – Intimacy

Before we delve in to what you all want to know, it’s important we are on the same page.  As we have been at various events, on the radio or talking to people, we have noticed that the word intimacy to most people is the conservative code word for sex.  Which would mean the title […]

“I just want to have a mature conversation about sex.”

Do you ever feel like this?  This week is all about creating the conversation surrounding sex and intimacy.  This clip illustrates so perfectly what most couples struggle with: wanting to have a mature conversation about sex but end up hitting roadblocks and pitfalls along the way. [tubepress video=”xXcuvs4fW9c”]   Stay tuned for our Wednesday post […]

“I love the analogy of how sex is like dining but how do I talk about it?”

Thanks to Tori for sending us a question asking, “I love the analogy of how intimacy is like dining but wonder how you go about bringing this up with your spouse?” Great question Tori and we’re sure you are not the only one out there wondering about this very thing.  We often find people like […]

Yep, that’s your vulva!

A friend (this story is used with permission) related this humorous, yet all too common story: She had just opened the diaper of her 18 month-old daughter when, with a great big smile on her face, her daughter reached down and started touching, pulling at, and lightly slapping her little vulva.  My friend realized she […]