Infidelity and Women – Women are Catching Up

Kristin was interviewed by Lois M. Collins, a reporter for the Deseret News regarding the topic of infidelity and women.  Her research has shown that women are catching up to the men and she wanted some additional insights on this topic.  Read the article here.  Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Watch for more articles talking […]

How to Keep Things Politically Correct if You and Your Spouse are Politically Divided

If you missed Kristin and Alisha’s segment this morning on KUTV 2 news on keeping the peace at home if you and your spouse differ on politics, we’ve posted their tips here and will post their clip soon! How to Keep Things Politically Correct if You and Your Spouse are Politically Divided We know that […]

Letter from a reader: Thank you for your book

We love hearing feedback from our readers.  This email came from Jill: Dear Authors, I purchased the book in Deseret Book the other day for my soon to be sister in law as her Bachelorette party gift.  There are not very many LDS books about intimacy, and yours is the best out there, so instead of your typical […]

On Being “Normal”…

Read our post on Finding Your Relationship Normal

Finding your relationship normal

Let’s look at the word “normal.” It’s thrown around often and seems to serve as the societal baseline – kind of like the word “fine.”   People desire to be normal, feel normal, behave in normal ways, and yet “normal” is so vague and without context.  It’s too broad and far-reaching.  Is having cereal for breakfast […]

Letter from a reader: A thank you note about your controversial chapter

Dear Authors, Thank you so much for this book and the “Controversial Chapter”.  As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints I have often wondered about these different subjects covered in the Controversial Chapter and am pleased to have found the answers and I will agree the discussion of the topic’s were done tactfully without beating […]

Can men and women be “just friends?”

We found this youtube video where a student at Utah State University asked other students if they thought men and women could be friends.  Can they be friends?  Here is one clear difference between men and women. [tubepress video=”T_lh5fR4DMA”]

Reader Question: Are there physical risks with oral sex?

I want to say thank you so much for releasing the controversial chapter material and making it available to the public. I think too many people in the LDS culture are unwilling to talk about the topics presented in this chapter and make meaningful discussion about it. You mentioned in the section about oral sex […]

Have a First Conversation BEFORE a First Encounter

Kristin and I had a fabulous time at a recent bridal show.  We met a lot of wonderful people excited about the prospect of marriage.  They were there to dream about dresses, flowers, cakes and parties — and then they saw our booth.  They saw our big sign asking them to define “intimacy” and then […]

Dear Feeling Hopeless

Dear Real Intimacy Authors, I heard you this morning on x96 and thought you had some good responses for those who called in. I personally am struggling and wanted to ask a question. My husband and I have been married for several years and have a young daughter together.  He also has three children from a […]