Yes! You Can Talk To Your Kids About Sex.

Calling all parents of children, children of parents, moms, dads, women, men, grandparents–basically we are calling YOU!  We are embarking on our second book, dealing with how parents can create a climate of conversation around sex and intimacy, will be coming to a bookstore near you in 2014 and we want to feature YOUR stories […]

March Into Marriage: 5 Ways to Take Action in Your Marriage

March is a great month.  Not only because it’s the beginning of spring, renewal and more sunshine, but it is the only month that is also a verb.  Even though March is coming to a close, it’s a great time to renew your relationship and march forward with ways to improve it.  That may be […]

Dating Divas Workshop Special and Presentation Notes

We are offering a *SPECIAL PROMOTION* for participants of The Dating Divas 3rd annual Successful Marriages teleretreat for our upcoming intimacy workshop for women: On the edge of the bed – A tastefully SEXY workshop for women.  It will be at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City, Utah May 18th, 2013 from 9-4. Our workshop will […]

Dating Divas TeleRetreat: Your Body, Your Story

The third annual Dating Divas tele-retreat is happening this weekend and we are presenting on how body image impacts your intimate relationship.  Your body is the one thing that goes with us everywhere.  It’s as the saying goes, “wherever you go, there you are.” YOUR story of how you perceive your body affects your relationship, […]

Reader Question: Pregnant and Painfully Blue

“I’m recently married and my wife is pregnant. We are both very excited for this opportunity, but it has had some adverse affects in our sex life. I have something of an overactive libido that causes me to have long erections at times and it becomes very painful if I don’t masturbate or have sex. […]

Hello. I Think I Love You.

This FREE download was featured on KUTV 2 news as Kristin and Alisha talked about ways to “think outside the box of chocolates for Valentines day.”  It is a template to create a love letter for yourself to start challenge self-talk with positive self-talk.  While this may have been originally for Valentines day, creating self-love […]

I’m female, newly married and struggle with masturbation

“I am so greatful to have some good, sound, and frank information on these topics.  I feel like I need some help and am not sure where else to turn.  I have struggled with masurbation since I was a kid and have tried for years to overcome it.  I have talked with many different bishops, […]

Reader Question: 29-Year-Old Virgin

Hi, I am currently a 29 year old man and I am still a virgin. I am not religious at all and I have had a few opportunities in my life to have sex but every time I declined it for different reasons. My question is, because I have never had sex before, when I […]

Boundaries: A road map, not a brick wall

“Boundaries” is a cultural buzzword these days, but do we really understand how important and necessary they are to healthy, thriving and passionate relationships?  Although “passion” and “boundaries” may seem to be a counter-intuitive combination, when we are boundaried in our relationships we actually create a space in which passion can actually be cultivated.  Boundaries […]

Infidelity and Women – Women are Catching Up

Kristin was interviewed by Lois M. Collins, a reporter for the Deseret News regarding the topic of infidelity and women.  Her research has shown that women are catching up to the men and she wanted some additional insights on this topic.  Read the article here.  Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Watch for more articles talking […]