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Perspective Can Change Everything!
A woman recently had the opportunity to jump out of an airplane for the first time. One of the things she remarked about was the
perspective she gained on the earth itself and her place in it, seeing it from eighteen thousand feet! Perspective gained is truly a wonderful thing. It can melt anger, resolve pain and guilt, and remove fear from almost any situation. It seems that in the area of sexual intimacy, too many are lacking needed perspective. And by not being able to speak openly and honestly with yourself, your spouse, a trusted friend, counselor, or God, we never even get to see the view from the top of the hill let alone the view from eighteen thousand feet! Just imagine if Christopher Columbus had been able to gain that kind of perspective before his voyage across the oceans! Imagine what a little perspective and putting things into context could do for you and your relationship
or the future relationship you hope to have.


“Think about all the different dining experiences. Some restaurants offer fast food, others offer seven course meals—making for a slower experience, romantic conversation, and top customer service. Additionally, there are restaurants somewhere in-between, where you sit down or get take-out but still have an overall satisfying meal. There are convenience stores to satisfy a craving or a snack. Or, perhaps you decide to go to a new restaurant for a completely new experience.  Intimacy is the same way. There are a variety of dining experiences we can have. Our lives, circumstances, and seasons in life influence the type of “dining” experiences we have presently and in the future. Hollywood would like us to believe that everyone is eating at
five-star restaurants when it comes to sex and intimacy. If you aren’t, “What is wrong with you!” Let’s say you had the budget to eat at fivestar restaurants each time you went out. Would you have the time? Would you even want to spend 2–3 hours a few times a week eating a fancy meal? Probably not. Having a fine-dining experience is nice every once in a while, but what about when you are hungry and only have time for the drive-thru?  Maybe you both have a favorite restaurant—like Chilis—you go
to on your Friday date-nights. It has something you both like on the menu, you can eat in a reasonable amount of time, and you leave feeling satisfied. Maybe you just had a baby and for the next year you are mostly getting take-out intimate experiences sprinkled with the occasional fancy meal. When you do have a babysitter, you’re able to go to Chili’s where you both love to go. The bottom line is to allow your relationship to be open to a variety of intimate experiences.  There are almost unlimited dining choices. It’s important to be creative and adaptable regarding your intimacy. In other words, broaden your menu.”