The Controversial Chapter

In our initial discussions as authors there were many topics we felt were important to cover.   Too many marriages are struggling and individuals are hurting.  One such relevant topic was that of “Masturbation.”  Often this topic gets placed way back in our deep, dark “closet” leaving us to wonder about what it is, how it affects individuals and relationships, and how it can be discussed.  Instead of bringing it out into the light where we can look at it from all angles, it just sits back there waiting.

We originally proposed to write an entire chapter — which you can find here on our website — but due to cultural concerns, the chapter changed into a section which changed into a list of topics and a directive to visit our website.
There are several important other topics you’ll find a discussion on here as well: oral sex, anal sex, and vibrators.  Not necessarily a “how to” but a “what it is, and how to talk about it and decide if it’s appropriate for your relationship.”

We hope you enjoy the read!

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