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Authors Kristin B Hodson, Alisha B Worthington, and Thomas G Harrison

Kristin, Alisha and Thom are a unique writing team.  Not only are they professional colleagues, but they are … Read More

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Find out what REAL INTIMACY is all about. In a fun and easy format, four couples dish their thoughts on what … Read More

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The book Real Intimacy is just that — real.  With unembarrassed candor, Kristin B. Hodson, Alisha B. … Read More

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Yes! You Can Talk To Your Kids About Sex.

Calling all parents of children, children of parents, moms, dads, women, men, grandparents--basically we are calling YOU!  We are embarking on our second book, dealing with how parents can create a climate of conversation around sex and intimacy, … Read More

March Into Marriage: 5 Ways to Take Action in Your Marriage

March is a great month.  Not only because it's the beginning of spring, renewal and more sunshine, but it is the only month that is also a verb.  Even though March is coming to a close, it's a great time to renew your relationship and march forward … Read More

Dating Divas Workshop Special and Presentation Notes

We are offering a *SPECIAL PROMOTION* for participants of The Dating Divas 3rd annual Successful Marriages teleretreat for our upcoming intimacy workshop for women: On the edge of the bed - A tastefully SEXY workshop for women.  It will be at the … Read More

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Get answers to your personal intimacy questions. We’ll respond on the Real Intimacy blog with honest, straightforward answers, and we’ll keep your identity secret. Ask a question today! Learn More

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The Healing GroupWould you like to make a a counseling or coaching appointment? All of the authors have a private practice and see clients regularly. Visit The Healing Group's website to learn more about our clinical services.