Dear Feeling Hopeless

Dear Real Intimacy Authors, I heard you this morning on x96 and thought you had some good responses for those who called in. I personally am struggling and wanted to ask a question. My husband and I have been married for several years and have a young daughter together.  He also has three children from a […]

How Failing at Cooking Helped My Sex Life

When I got married I had absolutely zero cooking skills — and that’s not an exaggeration.  Not to say that I was the only one cooking in my house, but compared to my husband’s contribution in this area, mine was absolutely dismal.  Being a competitive person by nature, I saw this as a challenge and […]

Real Intimacy on LDS Women’s Book Review

Just a couple of hours before the launch party began, we received an excited email from our PR Team.  We had just received a fabulously articulate, thorough and smashingly positive review on LDS Women’s Book Review.  Without a second thought, we read the review to all of our supporters.  The review written by Shanda came […]

You Can’t Know Where You’re Going Until You Know Where You’ve Been

This post is brought to you today by our guest and friend, Aimee Heffernan, Marriage and Family Therapist.  Aimee has a professional blog as well as posts regularly for Modern Mormon Men with a unique and refreshing perspectives on sexuality, spirituality and emotional health.  Aimee has a private practice up in the Seattle area. You […]